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Tuyển dụng Supporter Care Support Officer (Scso)

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Mức lương: Thỏa thuận
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Mô tả công việc

Department: Operation Department (OD)
Reports to: Resource Mobilization Coordinator (RMC)
Staff directly supervised: Supporter Care Volunteers (as appropriate)
Location: Hanoi office with travels to the fields
Founded in the United Kingdom in 1972, ActionAid (AAI) is a unique international organisation, working with over 25 million people in more than 40 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. ActionAids head office is in Johannesburg. ActionAid is the only large international development organisation with head office based in Africa, with offices in Asia and the Americas connecting ActionAids work in Europe.
ActionAid started working in Vietnam since 1989, established its Representative Office in Hanoi in 1992. Since then, it has been focusing the work to end poverty and promote sustainable development in mountainous, remote and difficult regions as well as poor urban areas across Vietnam. ActionAid works in partnership with local partners in different provinces and applies Human Rights Based Approach to its entire work.
Be responsible for management of sponsorship mechanism in assigned LRPs and/or participation in local fundraising programme to support the ActionAid Vietnam to achieve its CSP
• Has authority to require stakeholders and staff to comply with Child Sponsorship Policy and Child Protection Policy
• Has rights to request stakeholders and relevant staff to supply sufficient information and prepare proposals and reports following donors and sponsors’ requirements of quality, format and deadline
• Has right to guide and assign tasks to Supporter Care Volunteers
• Operation Director (OD), Resource Mobilization Coordinator (RMC), Programme Officers (PO), Finance Officers (FO), AAV and AFV staff, AAI focal persons, volunteers
• Fundraising prospects, supporters, AAV and AFV’s partners, government officials, INGOs, children, communities, and service suppliers
Key responsibilities/ accountabilities
1. Organizational representation and Governance development
Representation of ActionAid in Project Areas is guaranteed.
2. Ensures quality and timely delivery of Supporter Care services to expatriate and Vietnamese supporters of assigned LRPs
• Communication plans are timely prepared and submitted.
• Child profiles are timely collected and dispatched.
• Welcome letters are prepared and sent to supporters.
• Reports are drafted and designed in accordance with requirements of quality and deadline.
• Reports and child messages are checked and dispatched to supporters in accordance with requirements of quality and communication plans.
• Photos of sponsored children are updated to supporters in accordance with communications plans agreed with Funding Affiliates.
• Supporter’s gifts are managed in accordance with OSS guidelines and AAV’s procedures.
• Supporters are kept updated with information about their sponsored children.
• Supporters’ correspondence and queries are responded in timely and quality manner.
• Supporters have good comprehension about the progress and quality of AAV’s programmes.
3. Provides support for annual planning and budgeting of assigned LRPs
• LRP’s CS costs are calculated and informed to POs and LRP partners.
• Comments and inputs are provided on annual plan of assigned LRPs.
• Recommendations are made on future direction for effective usage of funding in assigned LRPs.
4. Participates in LRPs’ start-up appraisal
• LRP and community sensitization are conducted in accordance with Child Sponsorship Policy and OSS guidelines.
• Field visits are conducted for LRP assessment.
• Inputs are provided for LRP start-up appraisal document.
5. Provides support for managing Child Sponsorship programme in assigned LRPs
• CS tasks are assigned to LRP focal persons with clear instruction and coaching.
• Technical support and input are provided for child sponsorship related activities.
• Child withdrawal is well managed to ensure a sustainable linking level for of LRPs.
6. Involves in the phase-out process in assigned LRPs
• Phase-out plan is developed and agreed with relevant AAV and partners at least 3 years ahead of the LRP’s phase-out.
• Phase-out reports are prepared and submitted to Funding Affiliates, then dispatched to supporters following the requirements of deadlines and quality.
• New child profiles from a new LRP are collected and uploaded onto NK; child messages are collected and handled for the transfer process.
• Withdrawals and transfers are conducted on NK in timely manner.
• Transfer packs are prepared and sent to supporters following guidance from Funding Affiliates and OSS guidelines.
7. Provides support for managing of Child Sponsorship database system of assigned LRPs
• Database of sponsors and child profiles are managed with hard copies and software for both Vietnamese and expatriate supporters.
• Database report is sent to CP’s focal and regional focal for problem solving or software upgrading.
• Standard communications, queries, correspondence and other outstanding items are logged off NK in time.
8. Manages and updates information on Hive
• Information and sharing are updated on Hive in a timely and quality manner.
• Outstanding items on Hive are cleared off.
9. Promotes international networking with other Country Programmes (CPs)
• Participation in regional and international workshops and trainings are guaranteed.
• Information and ideas are shared with other CPs at regional and international level.
• Key lessons learnt from other CPs are shared and documented with fundraising team, other AAV’s functions and LRPs.
10. Provides capacity building on Supporter Care and development issues
• AAV staff/volunteers and LRP partners have good comprehension on Child Sponsorship mechanism, operational procedures, manuals and guidelines.
• AAV staff/volunteers and LRP partners have good comprehension on the importance of Child Sponsorship and local fundraising.
• AAV’s staff and LRP partners receive technical support in handling child right related issues and managing child-focused activities.
11. Supports the development of supporter marketing materials for supporter recruitment
• Marketing campaigns are conducted at events, businesses at targeted public sites to solicit regular giving.
• Comments/inputs are provided on monitoring and evaluation of supporter development programme.
12. Supports the nationalization of ActionAid Vietnam
• Participation in relevant tasks assigned is ensured to support the operation of the Aid for social protection program Foundation Vietnam (AFV), the strategic partner of AAV.
• Assistance is provided for the smooth transition of ActionAid Vietnam in the nationalization process.
13. Safety & Security
• The Safety and Security Plan, Procedures and guideline by AAI and AAV are followed.
• The safety and security procedures for staff are implemented.
• Risks for staff safety and security are timely reported to Security Focal Person or Head of Department.
14. Others
• Other tasks as assigned by line manager are well performed.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Competitive salary and bonus
- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws
- Professional, dynamic working environment

Yêu cầu công việc

Education (Degrees/certificates required)
• University degree in social science, marketing, economic development or any relevant field
Work experience
• At least 3 years relevant working experience in supporter service
Technical knowledge/experience
• Demonstrable proposal-writing and report-writing skills
• Understanding of child rights, human rights, poverty and development issues
• Experience in supporter care, marketing and communication
• Attention to details
• Able to complete complex and repetitive tasks with minimal errors
• Knowledge of relational databases
• Ability to work to deadlines, under pressure, on own initiative
• Advanced level of English and Vietnamese
• A second language relevant to the country of work such Italian, Swedish, Greek, etc. is an advantage
• Independent and decisive
• Patient, detail focus, sharing and learning, and responsive
Adherence to
• Right Based Approach
• Poverty and injustice eradication
• Gender equality

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