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Mô tả công việc

A. Purpose
The purpose of the Site Safety Support Expert (Safety Walkthrough, PTW, Safety Review, PSSR) is to support Health & Safety Section Manager on Initial operation, Defect Confirmation Shutdown Maintenance, normal operation, turn around activities from HSSE point of view. With high level analysis, optimization, report, coordination to ensure all safety requirements are met.
B. Responsibility
The main responsibility is as follows;
・ Assist in review of initial operation, Defect Confirmation Shutdown Maintenance, normal operation, turn around activities and procedures for all areas.
・ Understand all project related permits and international standards and works to identify any actions which may produce a violation of those permits and standards.
・ Lead Walkthrough and PTW activities in Health & Safety Section
・ Train personnel on PSSR and safety walkthrough and PTW activities
・ Conduct Walkthrough for Refinery units in each Operation Section
・ Conduct Safety Audits and PTW audits
・ Attend required meetings. Follow up on actions and driving of schedule deliverables.
・ Ensuring that all initial operation and turn-around activities are completed in accordance with the Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Social requirements and procedures.
・ Support the Health & Safety Section Manager in oversight of initial operation, Defect Confirmation Shutdown Maintenance, normal operation, turn around activities means and methods from HSSE point of view.
・ Strengthen Walkthrough such as Hazard identification, Risk assessment, Follow-up and conduct OJT for direct hired staff
・ Strengthen PTW Audit by evaluating the performance of PTW, supporting Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statement preparation, LOTO,

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Health Insurance
- Transportation
- Accommodation

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Educational Level: University Graduate or equivalent
2. Work Experience: Min 10 year experience in Oil Refinery/ Petrochemical Plant or equivalent
3. Specialty/Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or Engineering or equivalent
4. Skills:
- Experience required minimum 5 years in Hazard Identification, Safety Audit and Permit to Work (PTW) in Oil Refinery/ Petrochemical Plant/Construction site or equivalent.
- Specialized skills in Permit to Work (PTW), PSSR, Hazard Identification or Safety audit.
- Exceptional knowledge of the detailed operation, Turnaround principles of the refinery/ petrochemical plant and associated equipment, processes and systems.
- Experience on site safety management
- Excellent leadership and communication skills.
- Ability to teach skills to freshmen and exhibit patience.
- Hands on experience in refinery initial operation and turn around is desired
- Capable of delivering results in a diverse, ever changing environment
- Strong facilitation, listening and conflict resolution skills
- Good communication in English (IELTS 6.0 or above)
5. Competency:
In particular: Achievement orientation, Challenge, Inter-personnel, Professional skill, Knowledge, Decision-making, Judgment, Planning, Creativity, Negotiation

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