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Tuyển dụng Project Coordinator

Địa điểm tuyển dụng: Bình Dương
Mức lương: Thỏa thuận
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Kinh nghiệm: 2 - 5 năm kinh nghiệm

Yêu cầu bằng cấp: Cử nhân

Số lượng cần tuyển: 0

Ngành nghề:

Hình thức làm việc: Toàn thời gian cố định

Chức vụ: Trưởng Nhóm

Yêu cầu giới tính: Không yêu cầu

Mô tả công việc

- Responsibilities for planning, estimate oversee and carry out project in Metal factory.
Coordination of project activities to ensure optimal use of resources to complete the project as soon as possible.
- Planning for project preparation, deploying phases.
- Managing total projects and keep the projects in according with process on time.
- Identifying and managing projects risky situations.
- Reasonably articulate, ability to communicate at all levels.
- Accurate – knowledgeable of math.
- Appreciation of detail.
- Ability to analyze and interpret accurately.
- Prior exposure to labor control as a worker or supervisor.
- Prior technical knowledge of work being done (helpful, not necessary).
- Sense of urgency takes charge attitude.
- Ability to operator from a management point of view.
- Ability to recognize priorities and follow through on corrective action to resolution
- Skill in dealing with abstracts.
- Thinks of oneself as a worker, as well as an administrator. Willing to get personally involved.
- Aggressive, with higher management as objective.
- Some of the responsibilities of the Coordinator are:
- Do one installation from start to finish
- Perform all activities as an project team member would – this is to create in his own mind the awareness of lost time, the need for compliance to quality and system, identify poorly trained supervisors and wanting to correct the situation.  He will develop a “bird’s eye-view” of the situation in the company compared to his previous perception of the company from his department.
- Produce the weekly Savings Evaluation – not at the development phase of the project but mid-way when we start developing his managerial skills.
- Assist in writing the Procedures Manual – this manual will be presented to management at the end of each installation.  He will be trained how to prepare this so that he can continue to identify new programs and develop procedures manual in accordance to the way he has been taught.
- Be in contact with our Project Support Office (PSC) who will also be responsible for his development by providing support during the project.  There will be a weekly contact and training by computer to enable him to perform the tasks that he will be assigned.
* Responsibility in Perpetuation Period:
- Report when actions indicated as necessary by the system are not taken – as he reports directly to management, he is in a position to ensure compliance to the system.
- Make inspection audits of the system to ensure that it is being used in practice and in principle as it was installed.
- Assist management in the technical refinement of the system controls – when people (both new hires and new installed areas after original project) utilizing the system, there is a tendency to customize these system controls to make them more user-friendly. The coordinator will assist and ensure that this is done in the proper way.
- Facilitate the transfer of desirable techniques in the system from one area to another – this means that he can develop new areas on his own or train a group of people to develop their own areas.
- Working with IMPAC for external audit and system refinement if there is a continuation of Phase 3 service from IMPAC, ensure action plan required by IMPAC are completed properly.
- Essentially, he/she will lead a taskforce/committee to carry out his/her original function as coordinator while he/she has already been developed and moved to higher level as next generation of senior management in the company

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Yêu cầu công việc

* Industrial requirements:
- Graduated from University. Mechanical, Electronics, Automotive, Industrial Systems Engineering,   …..
* Sutta from:
- 5-year working experience in technical field (engineering, mechanic or similar) - system, project management & LEAN are priority.
- 3-year experience in the management position.
* Spending capacity:
- Familiar with numbers, understands the processes in production and supporting departments.
- Technical Engineer: engineering, mechanic or similar.
- Creating knowledge: design, new idea, new thinking and similar.
- System knowledge: procedure, rule, standard and similar.
- English: Good writing and talking in English. Able to read, write, speak, understand and satisfactorily communicate with others in English.
- Office computing: Word, Excel, MS Power Point.
- Proactive: dynamic, learning growth.
- Soft skills: Hard working, willing to put in long hours, loyal to the company, persistent, respected by his peers and management, enthusiastic, goal oriented, team work, able to communicate on all levels, able and willing to set priorities and follow up on corrective action.
- English: reading, writing, speaking and hearing skill in B level above or similar
- Office computing: Word, Excel, MS Power Point

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