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Tuyển dụng Programme Director (Pp2)

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Mô tả công việc

Department: PP2
Job Family: Programme Management
Reports to: Executive Director
Grade: Grade 1
Location: Head office with travels to the field and internationally as required
Direct Reports: Technical Specialist, International Partnership Officer and PP2 Team Assistant
Role Overview:
The Programme Director (PP2) is responsible for the development and implementation of Programme Priority 2 (PP2) defined under AAV’s Country Strategy Paper VI (CSPVI), based on ActionAid’s core competencies with stakeholder participation. She/he provides measurable inputs to ensure the delivery of the activities of PP2 programme strategy in AAV. She/he manages and ensure resource prioritisation and allocation and work plan coherence across the expected results of PP2 programme under AAV’s CSPVI in contribution for AAV to achieve the key results as committed in CSP VI by end of 2023. This role is responsible for working with AAV’s partners and allies to foster long-term relationship to achieve AAV’s programme strategies.
Role Dimensions:
This role influences outcomes directly and clearly controls the PP2-related activities and influences the implementation and outcomes of PP1 and PP3-related activities of ActionAid Vietnam. In turn, the result of the area/function directly contributes to the functions/organisations overall performance.
1. Organisational and Corporate Development/ Representation
• Is a member of Country Leadership Team (CLT), providing leadership to progressively strengthen AAV as an organisation, so that effective development programmes can be continued to deliver, and AAV’s strategic goals can be achieved
• Make contribution to strategic decision-making process particularly in relation to programme design, implementation and monitoring
• Provide inputs to ensure AAV’s strategic planning and organisational policy development
• Track trends in contemporary development programming and programme management practices, document and provide advice/recommendations on key developments to CLT
• Maintain an effective working relationship with all other CLT members to ensure that there is effective coordination of all activities in support of organisation objectives
• Direct PP2 programme to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, while also minimizing organisational risk
• Develop and refine AAV’s programmatic approach and operations around PP2 to assist communities in enhancing their preparedness, response, and recovery actions
• Represent AAV to provide and coordinate country level input and participation in the international program processes, strategies and plans
• Represent AAV to attend various programme-related networks and alliance meetings, knowledge sharing and learning forums, document and share feedback with the team
2. Governance and Board Relations
• Work with the IS Internal and External Audit teams, and relevant AAV’s departments to conduct audits of the PP2 and present audit recommendations to the Executive Director and CLT
• Participate in the induction of Board members in their Program Management role or being invited to the Board meetings on issues related to her/his mandates
• Provide periodic input and advice to the Executive Director for reporting at board meetings on matters relating to PP2-related activities (or as and when requested/ instructed) by the Executive Director
3. Strategy Development and Implementation
• Support the Executive Director to lead the development of both strategic and 3-year plans in accordance with CSPVI and 3-year planning guidelines for both ActionAid Vietnam and Aid for Social Protection Programme Foundation Vietnam – a strategic partner of ActionAid Vietnam
• Ensure the effective implementation of PP2 activities in accordance with the CSPVI and the broader AAI strategies and plans
• Support Programme MnE team to develop and refine the programme framework for PP2 under CSP VI on yearly basis
4. Resource mobilisation
• Provide inputs to the design and implementation of AAV’s resource mobilisation strategies to ensure a sustained and diversified funding base for the organisation
• Take lead, coordinate, and provide programmatic inputs/details to identify program funding gaps and new funding opportunities, and develop concept notes and proposals under PP2
• Ensure AAV’s accountabilities generated from donors’ funding to specific projects that are assigned to the Programme Priority 2 and related Local Rights Programmes (LRPs)
• Enhance donor relationship through providing donor services (e.g. donor visits, reporting, networking, and other purposive engagements).
5. Policy Research, Advocacy, and Communication
• Identify areas of critical concern and within PP2 of the CSPVI for research and advocacy work aimed at policy influencing, policy input and initiatives and policy measures on poverty issues
• Lead the development of an advocacy strategy and advocacy plans for PP2 and coordinate the regular documentation and sharing of the outcomes of advocacy
• Conduct and report on pro-poor analysis of policies and programmes aimed at reforms that will have impact on the lives of the poor and excluded on a periodic basis.
• Work with Programme Director – PP2 to develop and lead the implementation of and accounting for mechanisms that promote rights-based approach with specific focus on women’s rights, in advocating for citizen’s rights
• Develop and lead the implementation of mechanisms under PP2 to solicit ideas from the micro level work for the development of advocacy at the macro level while feeding macro level policy to inform our work at the micro level
• Contribute to policy briefs and media strategies that inform stakeholders about the policy positions of AAV and our partners
• Organise advocacy events and campaigns to advocate for policy change or replication of PP2 results/impacts.
• Maintain at least 4 news per months for ActionAid’s website and social media pages
• Actively engage existing and potential advocacy partners (legislation and government agencies) for the government to change its policy to include well-grounded evidence and good practices generated under PP2 work
• Well communicate AAV’s stand and position on issues related to PP2 work to the ‘public’, CSOs, media, academia, community and authorities through timely releases of position statement, policy briefs, research reports, and other essential publications.
6. Partnerships, Partnership Relationship management and Networking
• Contribute to developing, implementing, and monitoring AAV’s partnership strategy and plans
• Participate in identifying and initiating strategic networks, alliances and partnership with government agencies, local right programmes, and academic and research institutions, etc.
• Develop productive partnerships with existing and potential partners to collaborate on delivering PP2; develop and lead the implementation of collaboration mechanisms between AAV and its networks/partners to conduct research and disseminate the findings on PP2- related issues of common interest
• Support programme staff to strengthen networks and partnership with whom AAV is collaborating. Provide support to the networks/partners for building of their capacity
• Collaborate and exchange information with partners and report on their performance on a periodic basis; ensure effective information flow and communication with stakeholders including partners and international teams
• Contribute to progressively positioning AAV in networks and coalitions through purposive engagement with CSOs, media, academia, and authorities at national, regional, and local levels
7. Human Resources Management
• Ensure an enabling environment for supervised staff performance, make recommendations to the Executive Director for staff recognition and reward to encourage staff productivity, innovation and performance (e.g. facilities, equipment, duty facilitation, team building etc.)
• Direct and supervise the function of supervised staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and that they carry out their responsibilities to the required standards
• Involve in recruitment of staff under supervision
• Provide induction, training, coaching, mentoring and advice to supervised staff to ensure that they understand and carry out their responsibilities effectively
• Assign performance objectives and conduct comprehensive performance appraisal of supervised staff and provide/obtain feedback when necessary to/from supervised staff
• Work with HR Function to identify training needs, development opportunities and recommend relevant training for supervised staff
• Recommend to Executive Director for hiring and firing staff in PP2 basing on the need and performance of the relevant positions.
8. System, Policies and Procedures Management
• Contribute to developing and implementing country-specific guidelines for the management of partnerships in line with the CSPVI and other relevant organizational policies
• Share PP2 cross-context learning is with country program staff, partners and other related stakeholders; provide technical training and ongoing technical coaching are provided for country program staff and partners to ensure ongoing program quality and innovation
• Develop, review, and apply PP2-specific framework, tools, templates, and other technical materials to contextualize and adapt global and country-specific intervention
• Participate in the review and update of ActionAid policies and procedures at country level and advise the CLT on the potential implications of the new systems, policies and procedures
• Design and operate PP2 program activities within organisational policy and in compliance with applicable standards and codes
• Implement all necessary policies and procedures to ensure that correct procedures are followed by staff under supervision
• Adhere/comply with approved organisational policies and procedures, including safety and security plan, related procedures and guideline by AAI and AAV
• Timely report risks for staff safety and security to Security Focal Person or Executive Director
9. Budgeting and Planning
• Contribute to the development, review and consolidation of country program plans and budgets; and the annual national resource allocation
• Develop, manage, monitor, and update the annual budget for PP2 Department to ensure the sound management of PP2 budget
• Participate and take lead in the development and planning of alternative development models to improve programme plans using programme and project review findings
• Review and approve program concept and plans to ensure the alignment to the CSPVI and annual plan and budget
• Conduct regular field level visits to programme areas and units to provide support and supervision, and guide programme implementation
10. Workplan
• Develop, monitor, review and update the bi-annual and annual work plans and budgets of PP2 Department to ensure the implementation of PP2 objectives is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.
11. Financial Management
• Control the expenditure and the disbursement of resources of the budget in charge to be complied with financial policy
• Review and approve programme concepts and financial requests
• Review and approve partner financial requests
• Manage, monitor and advise on programme and project spending and variance reports
12. Program Reviews, Monitoring, Evaluation, Program Learning and Reporting
• Monitor the implementation of PP2 ensuring short term programmes are within the framework of the CSPVI
• Participate in developing and implementing of processes to review the CSPVI, E.g. Mid-term review and end-line evaluation
• Coordinate PP2 programme and project reviews and evaluation in line with ALPS
• Define key PP2 programme information requirements of stakeholders and develop mechanisms for periodic provision of this information
• Review, consolidate and share PP2 programme reports within and outside the organisation for shared learning
• Review project and donor reports before submission
• Champion and track the use of PP2 programme-related knowledge by AAV and amongst its partners
• Ensure oversight, monthly analysis and management of the PP2 programme budgets for efficient and effective use of resources (budget, timescales, deliverables, and impact)
• Monitoring framework, metrics and reporting systems are established and operationalized for the program team and PP2 interventions; adequate monitoring and evaluation is conducted for all projects.
• Regular reports are prepared and shared with relevant stakeholders in general and donors in particular, including capturing lessons learned and good practices for replication.
13. Others
• Perform well other tasks assigned by Line Manager
Typical People Management Responsibility
Approximate number of people managed in total: 4 (01 Technical Specialist, 01 IPD Officer, 1 Communication Assistant and 1 Team Assistant)
Team Leader: Yes
Grandfather- manager of Team Leaders/Managers: Executive Director
Key Relationships to reach solutions
- Internal (to ActionAid or team): CLT members, all AAV staff, relevant ActionAid International Program and Policy-related Communities
- External: AAV’s partners, Government Officials, Donors, NGOs/INGOs, media, academia, elected representatives

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Competitive salary and bonus
- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws
- Professional, dynamic working environment

Yêu cầu công việc

Person Specification
Education & Certifications
• Degree in social science, development studies, community development, or a related field
• Training in Project planning and management, Human Rights Based Approach, Participatory approaches and methodologies, Governance, Civic empowerment and accountability, Monitoring and evaluation
Essential Experience
• Minimum 5 years of work experience in the development sector with similar role(s)
• Experience in designing, setting up and coordinating monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment systems and processes of a program are required
• Experience in managing funding from a diversity of sources including governments and aid agencies, private sector donors with (similar budget size to be insert)
• Demonstrated experience of working with government agencies, and research institutes
• Demonstrated experience of working in a donor-funded environment, preparing donor reports and grant applications
Essential Knowledge
• In-depth understanding of Human Rights Based Approach to Development and programming issues and policy work at state, national and international levels
• Sound and up to date knowledge of development concepts, methodologies and techniques including demonstrated understanding of gender issues in development and demonstrable commitment to promoting gender equality within the organisation and in programme work.
• Sound knowledge in the political, social, economic and historic environment in which ActionAids poverty alleviation programmes are operating at both national and community levels
• Understanding of the project cycle management
• Excellent understanding of development partnerships, fund-raising, donor strategies, functions, governmental and international relations in the country
• Knowledge of labour, H&S laws and regulations in the country
• Knowledge of finance and accounting systems in the country
• Strong knowledge of M&E methodology, quality assurance
Essential Skills
• Leadership and management
• Strategic thinking and planning
• Outstanding analytical skills with a strong background in basic research
• Networking, influencing and interpersonal
• Excellent management of competing priorities and work under pressure
• Crisis management and conflict resolution
• Fluency in written and spoken English and native/national language
• Highly organised with reliable attention to details
• Resource Mobilisation for grants and projects
• Ability to work independently
• Proficiency in MS Office
• Outstanding program/project design and program cycle management and coordination skills
• Work on own initiative with minimum supervision and to stay on task
• Work in diverse circumstances in a culturally appropriate manner
• Work under pressure and tight deadlines
• Lead workshops, meetings and presentations; excellent presentation, communications, and negotiation
• Travel frequently
• A self-starter who is creative, diplomatic, mature and decisive, integrity, result-oriented
Functional Competency Profile
1. Strategic/Annual Planning and Program development and Implementation
Able to assess needs within a population, ascertain the feasibility of a program, calculate the appropriate resources and staffing necessary, implement a program, and then evaluate and improve the program to maximize resources and increase program quality and inclusiveness.
Able to develop unique activities and programs that are responsive to the different development stages and needs of both youth and adults, and an understanding of the dynamics and specific challenges involved in working with each group
2. Program Reviews, Monitoring, Evaluation, Program Learning and Reporting
Able to develop, regularly update, harmonize and communicate M&E plans that include identified data needs, standardized indicators, data collection procedures and tools, as well as roles and responsibilities and budgets for implementing a functional M&E system. Able to integrate M&E planning and implementation processes of the CP/AP into the respective national processes.
3. Policy Research and Policy Advocacy
Able to responsibly use one’s expertise and influence to advance the rights of the poor, by identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for advocacy, promotion of human rights with duty bearers.
4. Partnerships, Partnership Relationship management and Networking
Able to build, manage and maintain partnerships with and through others to persuade, convince and/or gain support to improve the delivery of the CSP and achieve impact for the CP/AP.
5. Financial Management
Has an understanding of basic non-profit accounting, budget development, audits, and the monitoring of fiscal operations of a Program.
6. Human Resources Management
Able to lead, encourage, inspire and support others to develop confidence and capability to help them realise their full potential.
7. Fundraising
Has an in-depth understanding of the variety of fundraising strategies and methods used to support the mission of the CP/AP, including grants, major and planned gifts, annual funds, and special events.
8. Governance and Board Relations
Has a good understanding of the purpose and role of Boards, is aware of the transitioning phases of a Country Programme to an Associate and then on to an Affiliate, understands the federation concept well. Well adept with development of governing boards and building requisite capability building support mechanisms and understands the dynamics between an organization’s staff and its volunteer directors, and of staff support strategies.
9. Program Risk Management and Legal Issues
Has a working knowledge of risk management, crisis management, and the basic laws and regulations under which non-profit operate.
This Job Description covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.
It is part of every staff members responsibility to contribute to AAIs mission and comply to AAI’s values, which are: Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility.

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