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Tuyển dụng Production Engineer (Shift Leader-Us Company)

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Mô tả công việc

* Travel:
Little (<10%)
* Scope of Responsibility:
The shift Leader is responsible for effectively managing production activities for a specific area of the Focus Factory, developing collaborative partnerships with CP colleagues. He or she must deliver the agreed to business results while maintaining positive employee relations. The primary accountabilities of the role include daily production schedule adherence, customer service, area financial performance, Quality, GMP, EOHS, Labor Relations, people and operator development.
The Shift Leader has to be an effective and valuable member of the Focus Factory management team, to ensure delivery of subsidiary business results in his/ her area. The Shift Leader works within a structure that requires considerable interface with Focus Factory Planning and Warehousing. The Shift Leader guides and empowers teams through the Operation Manager in the implementation of Focus Factory strategy.
* Core Responsibilities
• Accountable for the quality, and productivity of the Factory, and its ability to deliver high levels of service to internal and external customers, regardless of whether product is for local consumption, or export.
• Manage the people, materials, equipment, and business and manufacturing processes to deliver Factory performance objectives, as measured by factory KPIs.
• Track and analyses variances associated with materials or finished products.
• Ensures compliance with policies/procedures for shift rotation, vacation scheduling, and training to meet business needs including peak production periods.
• Manages the development and implementation of the daily production schedule in a way that ensures high levels of service to internal and external customers.
• Identifies, recommends and implements manufacturing cost reduction programs.
• Support new technology within the production area.
• Make recommendations on both capital and operating budgets.
• Accountable for adhering to Colgate-Palmolive, state, local and federal guidelines related to EOHS, Quality and Regulatory within area of responsibility.
• Ensures effective communication with the team.
• Manage labor relations in the area or elevate to Assistant Operation Manager/ Operation Manager.
• Empowers subordinates by way of training, information sharing, coaching, feedback, appraisal and delegation to ensure the development of people, teams and organizational capabilities.
• Support TPM and other continuous improvement programs with area.
• Lead Quality/FP&R/EOSH standard: refer on R&R matrix detail for each standard.
* Authorization: Refer to Authorization/Approval Matrix: HR-FM-061-00
Key Competencies:
Function-Specific Competencies
Managing Materials and Services: Managing the flow of direct materials in the supply chain—from the acquisition of raw and packaging materials to the production of finished goods—and the indirect materials and services for all functions
• Involves suppliers on the front end of the innovation cycle
• Integrates Supply Chain processes for optimum material replenishment and inventory levels (e.g. Supplier Manager Inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory)
• Understands pull systems relating to material and service replenishment
• Knows how product, material, and Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) modules function in SAP
• Generates cash savings through the identification and negotiation of more cost effective sourcing opportunities
• Drives standardization and simplification initiatives for materials, services, and finished goods
• Has knowledge of market conditions that influence material and service prices
• Develops mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and contract manufacturers
• Collaborates to develop and negotiate local, regional, and global contracts with suppliers and contract manufacturers
• Understands supplier capabilities to meet cost, Quality, and EOHS targets
• Applies the Supplier Certification/ Continuous Improvement Process
• Mines data to identify opportunities for savings and simplification using the Material Reporting System (MRS)and the Packaging Global Specification System (PGSS)
• Exploits the Internet though the use of e-procurement tools to reduce the time and cost
Customer Service and Logistics: Managing customer sales orders from acquisition through cash collection, including inventory, logistics, customer returns, financial collection and deduction management
• Achieves customer-focused Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) while managing inventory and distribution costs
• Uses negotiation and analytical skills to obtain the best transportation and warehousing costs, and inventory levels to generate cash savings
• Understands Supply Chain constraints such as product release, manufacturing, distribution, and customer requirements
• Grasps the business processes and SAP systems that optimize finished goods replenishment
• Applies the fundamentals of pull systems, inventory control, and cycle time reduction
• Collaborates to develop and negotiate warehousing and transportation contracts
• Understands the drivers of Demand Management
• Collaborates with commercial partners to identify and adopt best practices for improving sales forecast accuracy
• Develops sourcing solutions using analytical, financial, and negotiation skills
• Ensures the implementation of EOHS regulations and standards in warehouses and Distribution Centers
• Knows and uses the Product Recovery and Recall procedure
Managing Production: Managing the process of converting raw materials to finished goods.
• Develops and executes strategies to consistently manufacture and ensure the quality of finished goods
• Develops a team-based organization to drive business performance
• Motivates the workforce to achieve business objectives
• Understands technical processes in the factory
• Identifies and communicates equipment capabilities and constraints
• Knows the handling and storage requirements of raw materials, finished goods, and waste streams
• Ensures that equipment and processes are capable of meeting production schedules, customer demands, and Quality and Microbiology targets
• Communicates the need for and impact of Quality, Microbiology and EOHS standards while ensuring implementation
• Promotes safety awareness and models safe behavior
• Applies budgeting processes to develop site capital and expense budgets, and to execute cost-control programs
• Improves factory cash flow by effectively managing operating expenses, capital expenditures and inventory
• Ensures fast and flawless implementation of new product bundles
• Uses SAP data to set the production plan and schedule requirements
• Executes strategies that deal effectively with operating issues related to labor relations
• Develops contingency plans and strategies for any business interruption
Continuous Improvement: Using continuous improvement (CI) tools to drive growth, profitability, and people development
• Integrates and applies CI tools such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) and factory modeling tools to drive KPI improvements and reduce cost
• Exploits data and information to identify and measure potential improvements
• Applies the Asset Effectiveness Model to identify performance improvement opportunities
• Uses modeling and statistical tools to better target savings and improvement opportunities
• Understands the linkages among supply/demand KPIs and the impact of CI tools on those KPIs
• Conducts Continuous Improvement Reviews (CIR’s) to identify best practices and opportunities for improvement
• Facilitates sharing of ideas, knowledge, and best practices to improve processes and solve problems
• Works to standardize best practices
• Develops and delivers CI training materials and programs
• Ensures CI processes support Quality and Safety goals
Product Commercialization: Managing technical elements associated with the development and commercialization of new product bundles.
• Pursues efficient development paths and opportunities to drive speed to market (e.g. parallel paths, outsourcing etc)
• Ensures new product bundles achieve target cost and works to identify ongoing margin improvement opportunities
• Advocates and drives product, material and package standardization and simplification
• Coordinates bundle development activities across all functions
• Uses a systematic project management approach to share technical data, performance results, product and package evaluations, product timelines, risks, and other information
• Documents and communicates the technical transfer bundle to plant floor for effective implementation
• Ensures the feasibility and robustness of packaging, product, and process designs
• Ensures products are commercialized in accordance with Quality, Microbiology, EOHS, Product Safety and Regulatory standards
• Understands how the interdependencies and interactions of bundle components affect formulation, packaging, and process performance
• Understands industry/competitive trends, consumer insight tools, market research methodologies and claim substantiation
• Uses sound knowledge of and stays current on state of the art technology and practices : equipment, process, packaging and materials
• Identifies and implements technical innovation in new product development
• Shares and applies product commercialization lessons learned
• Applies statistical concepts, packages, and design of experiments
• Demonstrates creativity and uses appropriate technologies in generating designs and models
Engineering and Capital Project Management: Managing factory and office construction, equipment installation, and relocation projects
• Designs optimal plant layouts and material flows
• Delivers projects on time and within budget, meeting agreed-upon criteria
• Uses a systematic approach to track, communicate, and manage the cost and schedule of projects
• Applies CEB and MWO processes to optimize capital expenditures
• Drives standardization in site, layout and equipment design
• Uses proven chemical and mechanical engineering principles when designing and implementing processes
• Uses simulation and CAD packages to develop line and equipment design
• Adheres to utility requirements, constraints, and compliance with local construction regulations
• Engages stakeholders in design decisions to ensure projects satisfy quality, cost, service and safety criteria
• Ensures that sites, buildings, and equipment comply with Quality and EOHS standards
• Leverages best practices and engineering innovation in current capital projects
• Understands the basic concepts of process control and can direct experts in systems implementation
• Manages third party contractors and design firms effectively.
EOHS and Quality: Developing, interpreting and applying regulations, standards, and guidelines to ensure the integrity of operations and products
• Understands the technical requirements of EOHS, Quality, and Microbiology in factories and research facilities
• Develops and drives strategies to ensure conformance to Quality, Microbiology, and EOHS requirements
• Understands and interprets governmental policies and regulations to ensure CP compliance with them
• Influences governmental policies related to Quality where appropriate
• Understands and communicates the business and financial consequences of not conforming to standards
• Works with senior leaders to identify and provide the resources and guidance that will ensure compliance with regulations and requirements
• Develops networks to foster teamwork in the management of requirements, identification and implementation of best practices
• Provides direction for improving safety, environmental and quality conscious behavior in factories and research facilities
Cross-Functional Competencies
Global Supply Chain Strategy and Perspective: Optimizing Global Supply Chain assets and performance while delivering against category and commercial strategies.
• Manages local Supply Chain activity effectively to maximize global business performance
• Understands global category business and commercial strategies, and guides the Supply Chain to deliver against them
• Knows the diverse global markets being supplied and makes certain that distinct Customer Service needs are met
• Gains knowledge of Marketing and Technology trends and anticipates the impacts on the Supply Chain
• Factors competitive trends into investment and operating decisions
• Is familiar with the operations and priorities of global suppliers, customers, and channels
• Optimizes the deployment of equipment and other assets globally
• Drives global standardization and simplification opportunities
• Develops sourcing strategies for material and finished goods that optimize Total Delivered Cost and Customer Service
• Selects appropriate technologies and vertical integration strategies that meet current and future Supply Chain needs
• Leads Supply Chain operations effectively in diverse cultural environments
Cross-Organizational Collaboration: Working collaboratively with internal partners, the trade, and external suppliers across the global structure.
• Sees oneself as a business team member rather than as an individual in a Supply Chain function
• Focuses on the business with a Supply Chain perspective, seeing the function as an integral component of the whole business
• Networks with supply chain and business partners to drive joint identification and alignment of goals
• Collaborates with Sales to optimize customer service, distribution, and promotional activities
• Partners with Marketing and Technology to drive speed to market
• Understands key issues the trade faces and implications for the Supply Chain
• Leverages supplier knowledge to meet the needs of consumers and the trade
• Communicates effectively with leadership to transfer information, request resources, and ask for decisions
• Seeks out internal and external best practices
• Facilitates the management of change in processes, the organization, and the culture
• Develops and fosters teamwork to drive business results
EOHS and Quality Leadership: Demonstrating the leadership values inherent in our EOHS and Quality principles and systems.
• Leads by example and demands safe behaviors and awareness, sound environmental practices and commitment to Quality
• Understands own role and responsibility as well as that of others in implementing EOHS and Quality standards and guidelines

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 13th-month salary plus KPI Bonus
- Colgate Care Program (Bao Viet)
- Working Hours (8:00 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday only)

Yêu cầu công việc

* Education:
BA/ BS Degree (preferably in technical field).
* Experience:
Fresh Graduate or more than 01 year experienced in Operation/ Production Department
Additional Requirement: N/A
* MWR Competencies:
Self-Awareness/Personal Impact: Understanding and managing one’s own emotions and impact on others; demonstrating strong character.
• Recognizes and cares about how own feelings/moods affect performance and others.
• Takes accountability for own progress and seeks to continually improve.
Communicate Effectively: Expressing ideas clearly and simply; listening to others; creating an environment where people are comfortable expressing their ideas; promoting the timely and ongoing flow of information to others.
• Spends as much time listening as talking.
• Keeps people well informed of plans, goals and objectives.
• Seeking for and providing feedback.
• Asks for opinions and ideas on important issues.
Promote Teamwork: Creating a commitment to common goals; resolving conflict in a positive way.
• Displays teamwork in getting work done.
• Encourages people to work as a team.
• Anticipates and facilitates resolution of conflict.
Values Unique Contributions: Valuing and recognizing the contributions and good work of others; respecting individuality; involving others when making decisions and establishing priorities.
• Recognizes and appreciates good work.
• Cares about people as individuals.
• Provides opportunity to have impact on decision making and direction of work group.

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