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Tuyển dụng Head of Solution Architect - IT Innovation Center (Finance/banking)

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Navigos Searchs Client is one of Top 5 Commercial Banks in Vietnam. Theyre looking for potential senior candidate for Head of R&D - IT Innovation Center:
 Objectives:
• Managing the enterprise architecture management framework (EA): Build and ensure the architectural orientation, standards, routes, templates and methods for all banking technologies.
 Key account abilities:
1. Management:
• Develop and implement strategies and operational plans of the operation-oriented division of the block. Strategic assurance of the Department always follows closely with the strategy of the Division and the Bank
• Approving and ensuring the orientation of the overall enterprise architecture management framework (EA)
• Managing EA in multiple domains such as Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Information Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture; including orientation, standardization, set of methods and routes.
• Advise and approve evaluation criteria and select solutions that are appropriate to the banks technology orientation.
• Research and propose new technology approaches and practical applications in banks to improve competitiveness, improve service quality and pioneer in new areas
2. Risk Management and Compliance:
• Control and ensure the departments activities comply with the issued policies, regulations, procedures and guidelines.
• Identify the departments risks in the process of operation, coordinate with related units to develop measures to measure, assess and minimize risks.
2. Human Resources Management:
• Develop a staffing plan, coordinate human resources, build a mechanism to assign, record and evaluate the performance of employees, ensure to maintain adequate and quality resources in the department.
• Organize training, career development orientation for employees, foster and build resource officers for the department.
• Communication and orientation for staff to follow the guidelines and development orientation of the system.
3. Others:
• Performing other tasks as directed by the Director of the Division
• Lead members to participate in the organization of the banks organizational culture

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 13th monthly salary
- Bao Viet Heathcare
- Training Courses

Yêu cầu công việc

 Requirements:
o A minimum of 3-5 years practical work experience as an Head of Solution Architect department is required sector.
o A minimum of 15 years practical work experience as an IT System is required with experience in a banking/fintech organization.
o BS in a related field such as Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Software Engineering
o Has in-depth knowledge in enterprise architecture management framework (EA) (Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Information Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture; from orientation, standardization to set of methods and routes)
o Strong experience in apply new technology , IT innovation in banking/ fintech field
o Experience in implementing both applications as well as infrastructure project as preferred
o Good at English (Both of Writing and Speaking)
o Good risk management skills
o Planning and organizing skills, problem solving, managing execution

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